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Since 1931 there have been a many changes, Here we will take you back through time to visit some of those changes..

 The Ridgetop Baptist Church was organized on Sunday, July 23, 1931. There were seven people present
at the first meeting when the name "Ridgetop Baptist church" was selected by the group. Rev.W.J.Earls was called to be the Pastor.
At the close of the service Rev.Earls read the church Covenant and the Declaration of Faith.
 It was decided by the group to have a recognition service and to invite the Baptist churches of Austin. They wanted to go on record
as being in sympathy and full cooperation with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
 On July 31, 1931 the following churches met at the call of the new church to consider admittance of the Austin Baptist Association.
The churches present were Austin First, Calvary, West Austin, University, East Avenue and South First. Dr. Fry was named chairman
and Rev. John Peachy was elected secretary. Dr. Fry read from Hiscox's Pendelton's Articles of Faith. The church had fifteen members
on the date of the recognition service. Mrs. G.E. Carlson was the first elected pianist and is still a member of Ridgetop Baptist Church.
 The new pastor was ask to give some word as to the out-look of the new church. Rev. Earls spoke briefly about the challenges the 
new church faced. Several pastors spoke words of encouragement to the church.
 The first location was an old store building in the 1900 block of East 50th. A junior boys class was held in a home on Bennett Avenue
the house where the Campbell's now live. Mrs. Jo Pike kept the nursery in her home on East 50th.
 On January 17, 1934 the present site was purchased and in 1935 the first building was completed. A building that had served as the
Peacan Springs Baptist Church. The building was wrecked and moved, by the Ridgetop members to the lot on Eiler's and 51st.

First Pastor of Ridgetop
Rev. W.J. Earls